Update of COVID-19 restrictions

covid-19 ecolee.com restriction update

Due to the abolition of restriction adopted as reaction to the situation with pandemic of COVID-19 by Slovak government, we would like to inform you that all restriction adopted by our organization are cancelled as well. 

As a result of this situation, we are accepting personal visits again. If you are interested to visit us in our office, please do not forget to schedule meeting in advance. Our work is not performed only in office. Most of our time, we are working in the field with other organizations.

In case you would like to discuss with us any new or ongoing project, feel free to contact us for advance consultation by phone or email. Even if COVID-19 pandemic is in retreat, we are still responsible for health of all our employees. Due to this, we still prefer remote communication systems.

Ecolee office Bratislava street
Ecolee.com office Bratislava street

We understand that some issues cannot be solved by remote communication systems and we will do our best to prepare our meeting is such way that both – you and us – will be safe.

We are in this all together. Stay safe.


Team of Ecolee.com

Update of COVID-19 restrictions

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