Medical supply for Liberia and Uganda


While epidemy of COVID-19 is on retreat in Europe, in poor countries it is beginning to spread. This situation is even worse, because these countries do not have necessary management and organizational structure to handle this epidemy. And we haven’t even started talking about necessary funds yet.

Because of that, our organization has decided to supply medical equipment to countries, where epidemy is spreading. We cannot leave epidemy in these countries unnoticed.  Epidemy does not stop in one place and can be easily transferred to the countries which successfully defeated in past months. After last months, nobody would like to experience the second wave of epidemy.

Medical supply for Liberia and Uganda

Medical equipment was delivered to two places in Uganda and Liberia. In both cases, packages have contained pills, face masks and disinfections. We know that delivery of packages only to two cities will not stop epidemy in whole continent, but saving even a few lives in these cities is worth of that.

In order to not waste with sources, we also included some clothes to these packages collected through charitable collections.

We would like to say thank you to all donor who supported us. Without their help, we would not be able to make it happen.

Medical supply for Liberia and Uganda

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