Improving the lives of kids

Wheelchair ecolee donation

Sometimes, we are lucky enough that we have no health problems. However, a lot of people cannot say the same. Right there is a space where we should all lend a helping hand.

This time, we decided to help family from Ukraine. Two of three brothers were not lucky as most of us and they are dependent on the wheelchair.

It took a long time for the first making this happen. We needed to raise money, wait for the wheelchair to be produced and for the chair to come all the way from Poland before we could deliver it to the boys. Even if it was not easy at it seems to be, it was all worth now.

Donating wheelchair to two young brothers
Donating wheelchair to two young brothers

Accepting that they needed to use a wheelchair was a big obstacle to overcome. There still will inevitable question “why me?”

Do you wonder what does it mean to be on wheelchair? Well, what you need to understand is that it is not necessarily being disabled that prevents boys from doing things. What limits them (apart from my day-to-day health) is, for instance, which buildings they can get into and which friends’ houses they can visit. Being disabled does not define their personality, it does not mean they are permanently miserable and they still have the same lively sense of humor and enjoyment of the ridiculous as they always have.

They are so much more than ‘a boys in a wheelchair’.

Improving the lives of kids

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