How Charities Changed Communication Channels During Pandemic?

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According to the payment processing company Rapidata, more than 65 % of charities has changed the communication channel with their supporters. This change was mostly affected by recent pandemic in the world.

The research contains answer of 87 charities. More than 65 % of them has reported that due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus, they were forced to change way to communicate with public and their supporters. Most of the time, they were unable to accept personal visits and they have to use remote communication systems. More than half of them also confirmed that they will be also using new communication channels in the future, as they proved to be reliable.

BesThe best transition to the online world has been handled by those organizations, which were using social media even before pandemic. These organizations already had a built fan base and were therefore able to reach out to their supporters.

Charity online donation
Charity online donation

Most popular communication channel among these charities has become social media as digital channel for event and advertising platform. Such attitude has been easy to introduce as social media are well prepared for providing of wide range of services.

According to the report, lockdown forced all charities transform their marketing communication strategy. Even these of them which were focused on the local area had to go online to reach their supporters.

Such new communication strategies giving charities opportunity to for diversification, innovation approach. Thanks to the globalization, all organizations were able to reach people all around the world. Such digitalization should become essential part of the all marketing communication for starting and existing organizations.

Even if most of the charities believes, that the worst days are past, by digitalization of their communication they are better prepared for potential second wave of pandemic.

How Charities Changed Communication Channels During Pandemic?

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