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Request a meeting with us in our office in Bratislava (Slovakia). Before visiting us, please schedule meeting via email. Due to the performance of work, we are not present in office all the time. Once date will be confirmed, you can visit us personally in our office.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ com is donating and charity search engine operated by CREO HELP o.z., civic association located in Slovakia. We focus on supporting various charity and eco projects all around the world.

Otherwise than other charities, we are not focused on one particular are. We try to divide money directly to the projects that have to be done. This include charity projects, eco projects or projects helping to
erase war consequences.

Yes, you can. You can help us raise more money by telling about us your friends or sharing with them our search engine. More visits will lead to more revenue from advert, thus we will be able to donate more money to charity projects.

100 % of money you donated wil go toward programs. On the other hand, at least 85 % of revenue received from adverts will go toward programs. Rest of the revenue from advert is used for salaries of employees, necessary administration and operating costs.

We offer this service only till we pass the money to our charities. In this case, pleas use contact for to reach us. Once the money has left us we ask donors to contact the charity who will take a decision whether to refund directly.

Since we started a few years ago, we are already building many wells, schools and homes for children. However, our help is not just about construction. We also help plant trees, clean up the environment and eradicate poverty and hunger.

Ecolee frequenlty asked questions
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